About the challenge (boat, supplies, FAQs, etc.)

About the Great Pacific Race

Erin and I have always been the adventurous type. Growing up in Northern Minnesota, being outdoors and active was engrained in our DNA. We’ve been on various endurance trips together in the past, including a rain forest marathon, building a school in Africa and climbing a couple mountains. A few months ago we had an idea…blog boat

During a night of brainstorming with our friends, the UK Endurance Limits team, we decided on this crazy idea to row across the Pacific. The excitement quickly started to build and before we knew it, we were preparing our boat and supplies for our journey across the largest ocean.



So what exactly do you need to bring with you on a month long journey across the Pacific Ocean? Good question! We determined that we’ll each be consuming around 5,000 calories a day so we’ll need to pack all of our food on board ahead of time. Additionally, we’ll need enough food to last us up to 80 days. Secondly, we have medical equipment on board, an electric and solar water desalinater, two large solar panels to charge our electronics and and a bucket for our ‘facilities’. More importantly, our main item, the boat.


So your boat has a motor, right?

Wrong! Our boat is a Rannoch Ocean Scull. There are no motors aboard! It’s name? We’ve got one of those. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Magutu (you’re welcome all you Zoolander fans).

Rannoch boats are specially designed to withstand whatever the Great Pacific Race throws our way. These boats are the best in the business. What amenities do these boats have? Another good question. Imagine having everything you need in one place. Kitchen? Don’t need one. Beds? So 2015. Needless to say life’s about to get a little wavy this summer. It’s small but mighty, and has everything we’ll need.

So there you have it. You’ve seen our home away from home starting June 6 and for the next 40 or so days. Now what about the logistics? We’ve been getting a lot of questions about day-to-day life aboard Magutu:


Q: What will you be eating?
Give us all the freeze-dried stuff you can find, please.


Q: Are you rowing constantly?

A: During the day we’ll both be rowing. In the evening, we will row in shifts, two hours on, two hours off to allow time for sleeping.


Q: How is drinking water produced on board?

A: Water desalinater turns salt water into drinking water.


Q: What happens in an emergency?

A: Cross our fingers and hope for the best! But just in case the situation gets a little too carried away we will have a satellite phone, lift raft and emergency equipment on board!


Q: How do you protect your beautiful behind?

A: Sheepskin…and lots of surgical spirit…ouch


Q: How many miles will you be rowing?

A: It is around 2,400 miles if it’s a straight shot from CA to HI but with currents and wind, it will end up being closer to 3,000 miles. We’ve calculated that it’ll be around 2,534,400 strokes between the two of us.


Q: How will you pass the time?

A: Besides focusing on our goal and working hard to accomplish it, we’ve saved over 1,672 songs to Spotify to help pass the time and hopefully add some extra entertainment.


Q: What happens if you guys get sick of each other?

A:  Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing we’re not with our spouses. Kidding. One of the benefits to being friends as long as we have is that we know how to communicate and resolve conflicts. This isn’t our first extreme race together and we know when to give the other some space.


Q: What do you think you’ll miss the most during the race?

A: Definitely our family and friends.  Probably a real bathroom.  And I know most people can’t genuinely say this, but I’ll miss work and my colleagues at brightpeak.