Sleep Deprivation Practice

EL_BlogPhotoLately, I’ve found myself up in the middle of the night with so many thoughts such as the following going through my head:

  • Will the calluses on my hands ever go away?
  • I’m getting man shoulders.
  • Should I practice pooping (yes, I said pooping. I know, gross.) in a bucket? (decided NO)
  • I hope I see a shark! What if I see a shark, what will I do? (take pics)
  • I want to see whales too.
  • What if there’s a BIG storm? (I hope there’s a big storm, so that we can have that experience!)
  • Can’t wait for all the deep conversations Ry & I will come up with.
  • What am I going to do with my hair?
  • Is 6,000 calories a day enough?
  • Will we run out of 80’s songs to sing? Do I know 90’s songs?
  • What if something breaks and we can’t fix? (It’s O.K, we’re like MacGyver – not MacGruber!)
  • We need to reach our fundraising goal! Who else do we talk to?

On and on, the questions pop through my head – with me answering, quite logically, in return…. In my head…

I’m attributing this all to pure excitement and anticipation!  As Race Day (June 4) draws closer and closer – the days are flying by faster and faster.  All of our preparations seem endless, and yet are so very key to the whole experience.  I love the planning process portion, enabling us the best opportunity to execute successfully!

I know that everything will come together in the end and I believe this race could be life changing.  (I truly mean that!)  Spending days on the water with my, just as adventurous BFF, will be unforgettable!  There are so many variables that we have absolutely no control over – which is a lot like life in general…  We will persevere though, because that’s who we are.  Just as the many children we will be raising funds for persevere, because that’s who they are!  I believe we must live day to day, applying the best in ourselves to the task at hand, at any particular moment – this will get us through! (Cheesey, but truth.)