Ryan Foss

Ryan Foss grew up in Minnesota. After graduating from Brainerd High School in 1992, he completed a music degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth and, later, an MBA from the Carlson School of Management. Currently, Ryan is the Director of Partners and Business Development at brightpeak financial.

Ryan’s interest in the outdoors and physical challenges was born after completing the 1997 Grandma’s Marathon. From then, he has been unstoppable, constantly challenging his physical endurance and pushing himself out of his comfort zone with ultra trail runs, jungle adventures and mountain climbs. Including the tallest mountain in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua. The Great Pacific Race will be another addition to his roster of challenges.

Ryan, with Erin by his side, will be putting his human endurance to the test every mile across the Pacific Ocean.

Erin Hammer

Erin Hammer was born with the adventure gene. At the age of eight months, she was adopted from Korea. Erin is no stranger to endurance and testing her physical limits. Growing up in Northern Minnesota fueled Erin’s thirst and desire for adventure.

After graduating with her undergraduate degree, Erin obtained her Executive MBA from Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota where she met Ryan. The two have participated in countless physically-demanding journeys together, including climbing Mount Aconcagua and completing the seven day Jungle Marathon.

The thought of the Great Pacific Race already gets Erin’s adrenaline pumping, thinking about that first huge wave the team will encounter on the Pacific Ocean. Always up for a new challenge, Erin pushes herself to the limit by constantly finding exciting (and exhausting) ways to travel the world.